The Floating World

The Floating World is a podcast of experimental sound and storytelling. Music in the sense of vacuum cleaners and power lines, a pulsating mechanical unconsciousness. It is sound to listen to while driving, walking through the city or taking the subway, while falling asleep at 3am to construction outside, when you need to be more than your body. contact : support:

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Sunday Apr 17, 2022

"They took me into a room. In it they put a city. They said I was a dream dreamed by the city. I said I don't believe you, so they cut my hand open - and out poured every street I grew up on, every parked car. So I said please give me back my wallet, I'd like to go home." Sounds submitted by Grace Boey, Joo Yeon Lim and Tessa Ho, as well as anonymous submissions for Jo Ho's work 'Leaving Notes'. Jo Ho is an artist based in Singapore. You can find more information at

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

We ask a variety of people about their first memory of water. We disperse our bodies across the transmogritive psycho-histories of water crossings. Ada gets very sad. Somewhere, there is a choir... "Imaginary Continent 8A: Step one. Drink a glass of water every morning. Step two. Tell nobody..." Featuring sounds from: Ila John Morrison Savan DePaul Oshun Aurora Josephson Cher / XUE Julia Justin Adhiyatma Derrick Ng Aqilah Jun Han Rachel MacDonald Hayden Wright Magus Monk Em Downing Nick Duba

Friday Apr 24, 2020

interlude 0: in my solitude, you haunt me by madam data

Saturday Jan 11, 2020

On Ep. 5, some folks leave for Mars under dubious circumstances - projecting the insidious logic of colonialism onto our (very hypothetical) spaceward expansion, M Téllez of Metropolarity weaves a tale of subjugation, coercion, and little resistances - amid neighbourhood walks, cyborg rhythms, and a strange goodbye from an old caretaker. You can find out about M Téllez at their website, Submissions from: John Morrison Rodnie King Cybee Bloss Elissa Fredeen Rachel MacDonald compiled, edited and composed by Ada Adhiyatma / madam data 'little feather' composed and performed by Ada Adhiyatma if you'd like to support and maintain The Floating World, consider becoming a patron at

Wednesday Sep 18, 2019

In episode 4, we wander the streets at night, carrying fantasies of robots, the strange quantum emissions of cars and the floating miasma of radio signals. Contributors: Erika Oba John Morrison Rachel MacDonald George Korein Rodnie King Bennett Kuhn

Sunday May 19, 2019

This time on the Floating World: Philadelphia author, musician and visual artist Alex Smith imagines a prismatic, queer, black future amid the rupture of techno, (more) train stations, an encounter with a pothole, radio static and otherwordly birdsong. Story / poetry by Alex Smith (twitter: @alexoteric) backup story by Ada A. sounds submitted by savan depaul, lucy dougherty & jessie h, erika oba, tamar dart, leo suarez, rebecca muczynski, and casey dougherty. Mixed, edited and composed by Ada Adhiyatma (twitter & IG: @madamdata) As of now, this work is mostly uncompensated labor! If you'd like to contribute to the imagining of new worlds (and you should) consider becoming a patron at

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

This week on the Floating World: Dusty chrome afterworlds. Train stations. Tape segmented and cut according to the arrangements of the celestial bodies. Co-produced by Madam Data and Jess Hicks. This episode's submissions by: Alex Smith, Em Downing, Chase Barnes, Jess Hicks, Travis Baka, Kaori Suzuki, Madam Data Story Text written and recorded by Rodnie King

Monday Nov 26, 2018

contributors: em downing john morrison julius masri RK Alex Kulick Tamara Duplantis madam data savan depaul

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